Supporting Energy & HVAC Service Providers in PA

Petroleum products in Pennsylvania are an excellent way to keep homes, businesses, schools, and beyond warm during the coldest seasons of the year—not to mention heating hot water and providing transportation fuel throughout the year! But how is wholesale petroleum getting from the development plants to the final destination of a Pennsylvania furnace or boiler? Via a local fuel delivery and HVAC service provider, of course!

Advocating for Local, Family-Run Businesses

The PPA is proud to represent and advocate for local heating fuel delivery and HVAC providers within Pennsylvania. These companies are often small, family-owned businesses that provide honest care at a great price—and unmatched customer service, which homeowners could never find at a large anonymous utility.

How We Support Fuel Delivery & HVAC Providers

Our training resource, PPATEC, trains fuel delivery and HVAC employees to the highest standard in the industry. Not to mention, we also represent the petroleum wholesale providers who deliver to retail locations like these family-run businesses. Finally, we fundraise and advocate for these types of companies though the use of online campaigns, event promotion, and bill awareness.


The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association provides invaluable services and locally and nationally represents the independent marketer’s interests.