Supporting Local Convenience Stores Throughout Pennsylvania

Gas stations and convenience stores go hand in hand with the other businesses that we at the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association have set out to support and promote. Gas stations in Pennsylvania are a critical commodity for anyone with a vehicle—be it a resident, business owner, or fleet organizer. The PPA has developed resources and missions to assist convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania—become a member to get involved with the movement today!

How We Support Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

There are a variety of tools, resources, and training opportunities that we provide to people handling and communicating with partners in the fuel and transportation sector. We have an education branch called PPATEC, which offers HAZMAT and other important training regarding the handling of heating and transportation fuels. We also represent the petroleum wholesale providers who deliver to convenience stores and gas stations. Finally, we fundraise and advocate for these types of companies though the use of online campaigns, event promotion, and bill awareness. Learn more about our mission here.

Want to Support Local Convenience Stores with the PPA?

Consider joining our membership—we’d love to count you as one of the people on our team. Click the button below to learn more about joining the PPA and helping with our mission to educate Pennsylvania about the undeniable benefits of petroleum for transportation and heating within PA and beyond.

Convenience Stores

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association provides invaluable services and locally and nationally represents the independent marketer’s interests.