30% of HAZMAT CMV’s Inspected Issued Violations During Nationwide Roadside Inspection Blitz

Inspectors in the U.S. conducted 6,123 commercial motor vehicles transporting hazardous materials (HM) during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual five-day unannounced roadside inspection and enforcement initiative conducted June 12 -16. Those inspections included 2,658 non-bulk packages, 3,256 cargo tank vehicles and 808 other bulk HM packaging’s. Inspectors identified 2,096 HM violations, of which 538 resulted in out-of-service orders (OOS).

Inspecting vehicles transporting HM is a complex and detailed process that involves inspection of both vehicles and drivers. Roadside Inspectors look for violations involving vehicle equipment, driver compliance with medical and CDL licensing requirements and compliance with shipping paper, placarding, marking, labeling, packaging and loading regulations. Vehicles and drivers subject to an OOS are taken immediately out of service at the inspection site. As a result, vehicles with an OOS must be towed away from the inspection site while drivers subject to an OOS must be replaced immediately before the vehicle is moved. Vehicles and/or drivers subject to OOS are removed from service until violations are corrected. Vehicles that passed the roadside North American Standard Level I Inspection without any critical violations received a CVSA decal and permitted to continue to their destination. The following table contains a list of all OOS violations including violations that did not result in an out-of-service order:

U.S. – Hazardous Materials OOS and Total Violations
Category of Violation # of HM OOS Violations Total # of HM Violations
Shipping Papers 106 462
Shipping Papers – Shipper Related 9 75
Non-Bulk Packaging 103 452
Non-Bulk Packaging – Shipper Related 21 100
Bulk Packaging 76 403
Bulk Packaging – Shipper Related 2 32
Non-Bulk Labeling 0 107
Non-Bulk Labeling – Shipper Related 0 10
Bulk Packaging Placarding 41 149
Bulk Packaging Placarding – Shipper Related 2 17
Other Safety Marks (as per NAS OOSC Part III Item 4, 5) 16 103
Other Safety Marks (as per NAS OOSC Part III Item 4, 5) – Shipper Related 4 20
Loading and Securement 135 135
HM Package Integrity (Leaking) 23 23
Undeclared Packages 0 8
Total 538 2,096