2035 California Gas Vehicle Ban Impacts Other States

On August 25, the California Air Quality Board (CARB) adopted a regulation that will ban the sales of new gasoline powered cars and light trucks after 2035.

This is a significant market impact due to the size of California’s motor vehicle market. It will force automakers to transition to electric vehicle manufacturing to meet the demands of the largest populated state in the country. 

Sixteen other states have previously adopted some form of legislation and/or regulation that references CARB based policies within their jurisdiction. This results in any CARB related policy determined for California to have an impact in these states.

Most of these states have adopted by reference the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) requirements that is the policy foundation behind the 2035 ban for gas-powered vehicles.

Some states (like Washington and Massachusetts) have already indicated they will implement the 2035 gasoline vehicle ban by exercising existing regulations that automatically triggers action based upon California actions.

Other states (like Virginia) have vowed to remove themselves from policies that are connected with CARB rulemaking and therefore prevent the policy from taking place within their jurisdiction.


In December 1998, the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program was implemented which adopted by reference certain provisions of the California Low Emission Vehicle Program (defined within CARB) to address emissions from mobile sources in Pennsylvania.

The PA Clean Vehicles Program does not incorporate California fuels requirements or Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) requirements defined within CARB. For this reason, Pennsylvania is not automatically triggered to adopt this policy.

Early this year, PA DEP indicated its intention of adopting a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) rule, which would have required car manufacturers to offer for sale in Pennsylvania a designated percentage of vehicles meeting that standard (primarily EVs).

PPA joined API in raising concerns that the DEP proposal could be construed as being linked to a California ban once one was adopted.

Although DEP indicated that was not its intent, the Department did not proceed with that proposal this year.  However, (in part depending on the outcome of the November elections) indications are that some form of the ZEV regulation will surface in 2023.

PPA will continue to closely monitor this issue.

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